Yankee Dog Retreat


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Full Day Retreat

Every Full Day Retreat includes local round-trip shuttle to and from the dog's home, park and beach excursions, seasonal swimming, wholesome meals, training, as well as all of the treatments listed as Essential in the menu below. Feel free to enhance your dog's grooming with additional treatments. View our slide show. $100

Spa Wellness Package

No time for a full day Retreat? Give your dog an afternoon at your home of the Yankee Dog Retreat Spa. Light spa meal and walk included. Choose any 5 services below. $75


Essential Herbal Bath $15
No Soap Bath $15
Conditioning Milk Bath $15
Conditioning Rinse $6

Bath Treatments

Purifying Clay Treatment $10
Moor Mud Bath $10
Emergency DeSkunking $100

Body Treatments

Essential Massage (30 min)
How do we know a dog loved his massage? It's easy. He doesn't budge from the massage mat. When we're done he paws our hands, gesturing "keep going" or he points his rear-end towards us meaning "rub my hindquarters again". $30

Doggy Yoga (20 min)
A session of stretch and balance work. An indirect way to teach obedience and focus. $20

Positive Energy (10 min)
A focused, calming session using touch and vocal affirmations to re-center an aggressive or shy dog. Helps off-set the effects of negative messages and loneliness. Gives the dog confidence and security. $10


Essential Brushing $10
Eau de Toilette Finish $3
Bug Repellant Spray $3
Chamois Rub for short coat $2
Essential Nail Trim $10
Cleansing Paw Scrub $5
Paw Wrap and Salve $4
Essential Teeth Brushing $5
Essential Ear Clean $4
Brumisateur Eau Minerale for facial hydration $3

Why is Yankee Dog Retreat's Spa unmatched? Our Spa is not about "getting pretty"; our mission is to create a centered and healthy dog. Why is YDR better than a groomer? Your dog won't wait in a cramped cage; we won't use hot blow dryers or hot clippers. At YDR your dog will experience a Spa and fun back-to-Nature Retreat instead of standing on a grooming table.